At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Belmore, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Mr Scott Jeanneret
Assistant Principal Mrs Emelia Gimeno
Religious Education Coordinator Ms Natasha Mitchell
Wellbeing (Coordinator) Ms Maria Fengaros
Coordinator Sport Mr David Jacka
Reading Recovery Ms Vicki Vithoulkas
Teacher Kinder Ms Frances Palmer / Ms Theresa Forbes / Rhoda Rahis
Teacher Year 1 Ms Yvette Jauco
Teacher Year 2 Ms Maria Fengaros
Teacher Year 3 Ms Perpetua Menezes
Teacher Year 4 Mr David Jacka
Teacher Year 5 Ms Saide Chidiac / Ms Alex Kolovos / Ms Anna Troncone
Teacher Year 6 Ms Natasha Mitchell
Diverse needs Ms Genevieve Crouche / Ms Grace Ryan
Support Staff Admin Ms Tracey Kirby
Support Staff Admin Ms Pamela Maltas
Family Educator Ms Filomena Pensabene
EAL/D Ms Rosetta De Freitas
Support Staff Mr Greg Cousley
Support Staff Ms Frances Ennis
Support Staff Ms Barbara Walters
Support Staff Ms Noemi Dekirmenjian
COVID Tutor Ms Vanessa Casarotto